Apr. 19, 2017

Dundas Connects

Dundas Connects

The Dundas corridor is already a diverse, mixed-use, transit-oriented neighbourhood, but its full promise has yet to be uncovered. In a move to transform this area, the City has launched Dundas Connects - a project to create a master plan that will help this bustling hub become a vital link in the regional transit network.

In 2015, the City retained a consulting team to deliver the plan. Urban planning and transportation modelling are now underway to determine how best to increase transportation capacity, connect our city, and intensify land use in appropriate areas along Dundas.

Dundas Connects will bring rapid transit to the area which will connect Kipling TTC station to Dundas GO, the Hurontario LRT, the University of Toronto Mississauga and beyond. Residents and visitors will benefit from more transit choices and better reliability and speed along Dundas.

Moving forward, Dundas Connects will use new forms of digital engagement to allow more residents to provide input into the development of the plan. It will be finalized and brought to Council for endorsement in 2017.