Jul. 25, 2016

Now THAT is a SmartTrack!!!

Pickering/Ajax needs another rapid transit option to better connect it with the rest of the GTA - We should plan for a future mode of high-capacity rapid transit to connect the Scarborough and Sheppard Subway Lines with Pickering/Ajax at the Scarborough Centre Subway Station - When electrified, the GO Train will serve as a fast and frequent express service (just as Metrolinx has been planning for many years now); but something more is required over and above this - It is unlikely that a subway could ever be justified east of McCowan Road, as the greenbelt, Rouge Park, and the area around the Metro Zoo east of Scarborough would likely never have the density to ever justify it, however; another mode of rapid transit (such as a SmartTrack between Scarborough Centre and Pickering/Ajax would make sense here - A heavy rail system like SmartTrack would never work here, but I did notice that the latest published plan for transit in the GTA does show a future additional RT line from Pickering - It just doesn't go far enough - A monorail, or some other form of rapid transit using elevated rail or track, will be required - An elevated track sytem would be less costly than a subway and would have minimal impact on vehicular traffic - The Pickering High-capacity Elevated Rapid Transit Line/Monorail would provide more of a local service than the existing GO Train in Pickering and Ajax, while also providing rapid connections between; Pickering/Ajax, Scarborough Centre, the Scarborough and Sheppard Subways, the Eglinton Crosstown LRT, Rouge Valley Centenary Hospital, and the rest of the GTA north of the Eglinton Crosstown LRT - This line could eventually be extended east to Whitby and Oshawa with better local service along Highway #2 than the GO Train - (now THIS would be a SmartTrack!!!) - It could eventually be extended to connect with the GO Train station at Kennedy and Ellesmere [and then eventually (50 to 60 years down the road) even further west along York Mills to connect with the proposed DRL at Don Mills and York Mills, and the Yonge and York Mills Subway Station] - It would also connect my proposals for a Markham Road LRT and a Sheppard LRT or BRT in Scarborough
Pickering/Ajax - Check out Big Changes Set To Come To Toronto Transit: http://indie88.com/big-changes-set-to-come-to-toronto-transit/
The latest draft of Phase VI of my proposal for the future of public transit in Scarborough is ready - You can find the map on this site, or at www.SmarterTracks.com
Also; STAY TUNED to www.torontotransitblog.com - My plan is take a look at the west portion of the GTA - I will start posting my ideas over the coming weeks and months