Line 3 (Scarborough RT)

May. 12, 2017

For years, experts have been pointing out that Scarborough Rapid Transit technology is our best bang for the buck - Yet LRTs and subways get all the headlines, laments Royson James - Carlos Osorio / Toronto Star file photo

May. 12, 2017
Our neglect of Scarborough RT is shameful: James

Much maligned SRT is actually TTC’s most reliable service, despite years of neglect — so why the rush to far more expensive LRTs and subways

By Royson James - Toronto Politics
Fri., Feb. 6, 2015

Apr. 19, 2017

The TTC plans to award Bombardier a sole-sourced $6.8-million contract to repair the decaying fleet - Marcus Oleniuk / Toronto Star file photo

Apr. 12, 2017

"I'm good with the SRT being replaced by an LRT after the Scarborough Subway extension and the Crosstown East LRT extensions are complete"

Phil Prentice - April 12'17