Apr. 6, 2016

Progress at York University Station

York University Station is the third stop on the Toronto‑York Spadina Subway Extension and is located in the heart of the York University campus in the Harry W. Arthurs Common. Bus services operated by different agencies and currently circulating through the Common will be relocated to bus terminals at Finch West, Pioneer Village and Highway 407 stations. Service plans have yet to be finalized by the TTC and the other transit operators.

The entrance building is located on the west side of Ian Macdonald Boulevard and can be recognized by its distinct boomerang shape and two covered entry wings rising to the north and south. Travellers passing through the campus will see that the entrance building's roof structure is well advanced. The finished metal roof surface will be considered a cool roof, as it has a high solar reflectance and absorbs little heat.

Glass curtain walls are currently being installed in the entrance structure's landscaped light well and on the building's east side. The light well is to bring daylight into the station and allow views of the campus. Its design uses daylight to reduce electricity use and assist with passenger orientation. Glazing on the east side of the entrance structure provides additional natural light to the concourse level and allows pedestrians to see the view across the Common toward Vari Hall.

Glazing is bird-friendly glass in painted steel framing. Within the station, all six escalators have been installed, mechanical and electrical infrastructure installation is underway, and work on the terrazzo flooring has begun.

Work to re-establish the University roads around the construction site will begin shortly. Both the eastbound and westbound legs of York Boulevard into the Common are scheduled to reopen to transit in the late summer.

South entrance – March 2016