Jan. 19, 2017

SmartTrack Current Work


On June 28, 2016, the Metrolinx Board approved 6 new SmartTrack stations on the Stouffville/Lakeshore East and Kitchener GO Corridors, and 2 new Regional Express Rail (RER) Stations on the Barrie GO Corridor in the City of Toronto. The Metrolinx Board has requested all municipalities with a recommended new station confirm through a Council resolution the following by November 30, 2016:

Agreement with station location
Funding commitment for new stations
Commitment to implementing transit supportive land-uses around stations; and
Commitment to implementing sustainable station access.

The 6 new SmartTrack stations include Finch East, Lawrence East, Gerrard, and East Harbour (identified as Don Yard-Unilever in the June 28, 2016 Metrolinx Board Report) on the Stouffville/Lakeshore East GO Corridor, and Liberty Village and St. Clair West on the Kitchener GO Corridor. These locations were identified in the technical analysis conducted by the City and Metrolinx on the SmartTrack proposal. In July 2016, City Council confirmed support for these locations through approval of the SmartTrack/RER integration scenario with 6 new stations.

The next steps to advance planning and technical analysis for SmartTrack stations include:

Environmental assessment for each station (Transit Project Assessment Process- TPAP), including community consultation;
More detailed planning and design work to establish specifications for the procurement of engineering and detailed design of each station; and
Service planning related to new station locations.

A report in late 2017 will include the draft Environmental Project Reports for the six new stations.