Apr. 11, 2017

LRT for Durham Region

"I'm all for an LRT connecting Durham Region and the City of Toronto, but I don't see it happening in our lifetime - My proposal is for an express LRT running primarily along Lawrence Avenue and then Highway #2 - It would also connect Durham with Brampton, Mississauga, and Pearson Airport - I call it an express LRT because, within the GTA, it would only stop at key interchanges with other rapid transit lines such as GO, subways, and other LRT lines - I have done calculations showing that (depending on the number of grade separations and the rolling stock used) the time to travel the express portions of the route can be as much half the time or less of a standard LRT such as the Eglinton LRT - The Express LRT would have more frequent stops in the major centres in Durham, in Brampton, and in Mississauga; but once it gets to the City of Toronto, the stops would be limited, thus providing a rapid east-west line across the centre of the city"

Phil Prentice - April 11'17