Mar. 23, 2016

My SmarterTracks Plan - Phase X

This plan shows my plan 30 to 50 years plan including the HCRT (the Blue line) [which I now call HERT for High-capacity Elevated Rapid Transit] or Monorail between Scarborough and Pickering/Ajax

Also; the next (second) draft of my “SmarterTracks” proposal for public transit in Scarborough and the surrounding area is ready – You can find it on this blog and at – Please be sure to leave your own comments and ideas

Following is a link to PDFs with maps of the City's current proposal based on the Scarborough Transit Planning Update January 21'16 and the revised ten (10) phases of my proposed SmarterTracks plan - - If you download and scroll through the maps, you can see the difference between the two plans and the progression of the various phases of my plan

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Also visit for complete details on my SmarterTracks plan