Dec. 18, 2016

SmarterTracks Scarborough

My Proposed Centennial College-Scarborough Centre Driverless Shuttlebus

This is a copy of my most recent proposal for rapid public transit for Scarborough – I will be updating it in the near future – Please don’t tell me that my 15 to 20 year timeline is unrealistic – I know that; but I really think this is where we could have been had the city made better choices and progress with transit over the past 35 years

The element that I would to put forward today is the idea of a driverless shuttle-bus connecting Centennial College Progress Campus with Scarborough Town Centre, the new Scarborough Centre Subway Station, and maybe eventually with the originally proposed (and now cancelled) Ellesmere SmartTrack Station – Progress Avenue and The McCowan Precinct would be the ideal corridor and make a good test ground for such an idea – The McCowan Precinct along with the Scarborough Town and Centennial College have a good mix of Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional uses – The line could be implemented very quickly at a very reasonable cost and could provide a good interim connection with the existing SRT Station (as yes of course; there would be temporary logistics to deal with getting around new subway construction)

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