Mar. 7, 2016

SmarterTracks Maps - Highlighted Phases

SmarterTracks - Phases Highlighted

This is a link to a PDF with maps of the ten (10) phases of my proposed SmarterTracks plan - - If you download and scroll through the maps, you can see the progression of the various phases of my plan

NOTE: This “SmarterTracks” page now includes a subpage with PDFs of maps highlighting the progression of the various phases of my ten phase SmarterTracks plan for transit in Scarborough – The only change from my previous plan at this time is that I have omitted the Danforth Road and Eglinton Avenue E. subway station, and have routed the Scarborough Extension on a diagonal directly from Kennedy and Eglinton to McCowan Road and Lawrence Avenue before turning north to Scarborough Centre - The revised subway route is based on input from my social media friend, Joseph Chemerys, who has enlightening me on the benefits of running subways diagonally on a rectangular road and bus route grid

See Subpage(s) "Phases Highlighted/SmarterTracks - Phases Highlighted" for the ten highlighted maps

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