Feb. 23, 2016

Phil's SmarterTracks Transit Plan


This is my proposal for a solution to traffic and transit issues in Scarborough and the surrounding area - The foundation of my plan is based on a three-stop subway following the McCowan Road corridor from Kennedy and Eglinton to Scarborough Centre and McCowan and Sheppard, and then the completion of the Sheppard subway connecting it with the McCowan and Sheppard station and Scarborough Centre, in place of the SmartTrack - Although my plan is divided into ten (10) hypothetical phases; of course the phases can be expedited, postponed, or done in an entirely different sequence, depending on need, and the availability of financing - I do realize that there are issues that need to be addressed elsewhere in the city, so that is why I have proposed implementing the plan over a period of fourty (40) years - My proposed schedule is still aggressive - I am aware that we’ll be lucky to have many of the first phases completed within fifteen (15) years - If fifteen (15) years is the best that can be done with planning, studies, approvals, and construction; then all of my proposed dates dates can be pushed out up to ten years - Don’t shoot the messenger; these days, I know it does take almost fifteen (15) years to design and build any form of rapid transit - I have been waiting for a subway for Scarborough for over thirty years now - It would just be nice to see something completed before I’m dead and buried

In addition to maps for each of the phases of my proposed plan, this blog post includes a map of the City's latest proposal updated on January 21'16, as well as a copy of one of the planning reports - I encouage you to comment on my blog and my proposed plan - Please return to view this blog on a regular basis, as I intend to provide more detail on my plan, and to add more posts with other ideas, information, comments, and concerns with regard to traffic and transit within the GTA and the surrounding area

This is a link to PDFs with maps of the current proposal based on the Scarborough Transit Planning Update January 21'16 and the ten (10) phases of my proposed SmarterTracks plan -https://www.dropbox.com/s/wg5zacoftcpuqk7/Scarborough%20Transit%20Diagrams%20-%20All%20Phases.pdf?dl=0 - If you download and scroll through the maps, you can see the difference between the two plans and the progression of the various phases of my plan

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