Mar. 23, 2016

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Hi Guys - Sorry; I have demoted the Pickering/Ajax Monorail page to a subpage of the main page entitled "Monorail" - The reason is that I was not sure about Tory's plans for rapid transit in the west end - It was my intention to extend the monorail further west all along - Now that I have an idea that Tory plans to go with LRTs in the west end, and a rough idea of the routing; I have extended my proposed monorail to coordinate with his plans

I have settled on a monorail for the following reasons:

 - Subways would be too expensive to justify due to the long distances - Something faster was called for

 - LRTs don't have the capacity and are not as fast or suitable to cover the long distances

 - None of the roads along my proposed routes are fully (densely) developed yet - Having said this, we need to start planning now - The reason is that the land for track and stations needs to be reserved

 - The tracks can be lean if they choose the right system - There are dozens of good proven sytems to choose from - The only obstructions would be support pylons, and each stop would require elevator as well as stair access


NOTES:  This could also be a mini-hyperloop, if the technology is ready by that time 

The proposed BRT will have to suffice for Alax/Pickering for now as (unless Justin Trudeau can cough up a huge whack of dough) the city has it's hands full for at least the next fifteen to twenty years

Also; local service will likely not be possible as I intended, unless they go for bypass tracks - This takes up too much space and would be more costly