Feb. 16, 2016


When presenting the comparison between the $1 billion cost of building a Sheppard LRT and the $3 billion cost of extending the existing Sheppard subway line to Scarborough Centre the actual cost of building the LRT was never fully made public - There was a hidden $1 billion cost of building a new transitional station to connect the existing Don Mills and Sheppard subway station to the new Sheppard LRT – This cost was never fully disclosed or properly take into consideration - The real cost of building a Sheppard LRT would have been $2 billion – Having said this, how many 100s of millions will it cost to build a transitional station to connect the new Sheppard LRT to the new Scarborough subway? – Not to mention the extra 18 minutes it would take to transfer from subway to LRT back to subway again - The subway is looking like a better deal every time you look at it


* NOTE:  With the exception of the unknown cost for an LRT/subway transitional station at Scarborough Centre; all costs are based approximate numbers estimated by Metrolinx approximately ten years ago, but; although the costs would have risen since, the increase in cost would apply proportionately to both modes of transit



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Phil Prentice (@WiteNiteI) tweeted at 2:32 PM on Sat, Feb 06, 2016:

@people The 3-stop Scarborough subway extension will get the raccoon to and from his home at McCowan and Sheppard much faster(https://twitter.com/WiteNiteI/status/696053980061921281?s=03)



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