Relief Line [DRL (Downtown Relief Line)]

May. 25, 2017

"Jeff and Yared are exactly right; the Relief Line will do nothing for the Yonge Line north of Bloor; but we do have to start somewhere - The fact is; the Eglinton Crosstown LRT will increase congestion and the number of riders using Line 1 north of Bloor - The city is well aware of this; that is why John Tory is pressing so hard for the Relief Line - It is the first step towards real relief for Line 1"

Phil Prentice - May 25'17
May. 25, 2017

"I agree that the "relief" benefits will be limited unless and until the line extends north at least to Eglinton, ideally to Sheppard. But it will take some strain off of Bloor-Yonge station and the stations south of it on the Yonge line by diverting a large percentage of westbound riders on the Danforth line. This includes many riders from Scarborough who either bus south to Kennedy, Warden or Victoria Park stations, or ride the SRT to Kennedy and then line 2 into downtown."

Yared Mehzenta on Facebook - May 25'17
May. 25, 2017

" It doesn't. For now it relieves Bloor Station (and to a lesser extent St. George), and Line 1 south of Bloor by providing Line 2 east passengers to another option to get downtown. This is by far a bigger priority than north capacity.

Phase 2 is an extension north toward Don Mills, which should pull some off Line 1 north of Bloor. Phase 3 would presumably be a western leg to Dundas West or Keele that would further reduce transfer congestion at Bloor and St George.

Over capacity of the Northern part of Line 1 and the extension of Line 1 into Vaughan/Markham is a whole other issue."

Jeff Ranson on Facebook - May 25'17
Apr. 26, 2017

"I agree that the Relief Line should have more stops, but; I do not agree that it should be an LRT - We cannot afford to lose even one more lane to vehicular traffic along any part of that route"

Phil Prentice - Apr 26'17
Apr. 25, 2017

"The Scarborough Subway Extension (3-stops) and the Relief Line should be built concurrently with the Relief Line opening first"

Phil Prentice - Apr 25'17