Mar. 25, 2016

UP Express (Union Pearson Express)

If you're going to put it down the tube put it under Scarborough!

The UP Express is a flop and was a waste of money - Let's hope they don't make the same mistake in Scarborough - They could have built an LRT or SmartTrack from Union to Pearson with a branch west to Mississauga if the land that was designated for rapid transit to Mississauga wasn't sold off and built on - The land along Eglinton is being built on at this very moment - Now that the City has sold the land to developers; John Tory and Metrolinx are trying to figure out how to get his SmartTrack to Mississauga without building a $1 to $3 billion tunnel under land they probably sold for less than $500 million and could have built on for next to nothing

In Scarborough; a subway connection from Don Mills and Sheppard to McCowan and Sheppard, and then south to connect with a new 3-Stop Scarborough subway is the way to go - ONE MODE OF TRANSIT AND A ONE-SEAT RIDE ON RAPID TRANSIT FROM NORTH YORK TO SCARBOROUGH CENTRE, TO EAST YORK, TO TORONTO, AND ETOBICOKE, AND BACK AGAIN!!! - Let's put an end to this nonsense and do it right!!!

See for a proposal and maps with my ideas for the future of transit in Scarborough