Feb. 19, 2016

Line 3 - The Existing Scarborough RT Was Mistake!!!

The Existing Scarborough RT

LRTs work for some routes, but the Toronto subway system is long overdue for extensions to resolve current traffic and transit issues, better accommodate high density areas, and to encourage development – The reason the Bloor-Danforth subway was not extended in Scarborough is the Scarborough RT from the Kennedy Subway Station to the Scarborough Town Centre killed any chance of extending it UNTIL NOW – The existing Scarborough RT (developed by the UTDC in the late 70s) was a huge mistake – The plan in 2012 was to run an LRT from Kennedy and Eglinton to Scarborough Centre, and another LRT from Don Mills and Sheppard to the Scarborough Centre - The idea of replacing the existing Scarborough RT with a new LRT was going to be a new mistake – It made absolutely no sense to have two major modes of transportation terminate at Scarborough Town Centre when there are points North and East of Scarborough Town Centre that need service now and in the immediate future – Thank goodness the existing Scarborough RT line and route is being scrapped and finally replaced with a new extension to the Bloor-Danforth subway from Kennedy and Eglinton, along McCowan Road, to the Scarborough Town Centre - It should eventually be extended to Markham, Markville Shopping Centre, and even further North to McCowan Road and 16th Avenue – The time to finally build it and get it right is NOW


P.S. – I absolutely agree with the idea of extending the Crosstown East LRT to the Scarborough Campus of UofT - I just don't agree with losing two necessary subway stations to accomplish it - It's time for the federal government to pitch more in here







I have prepared a series of maps that illustrate all or most of my key proposals and ideas - You can see and download the maps at www.SmarterTracks.com