May. 12, 2017

"Stations can be built after the line is built, if they prep for it now - In the case of the McCowan and Lawrence Station, they need to dig the tunnel deep enough, and build the head-walls now - Unfortunately, I'm not sure that they will be doing either - I believe that part of the $1 billion savings gained by cancelling the Lawrence and the Sheppard subway stations includes the lower cost of building a shallower tunnel at West Highland Creek near McCowan and Lawrence, thus negating the possibility of ever building a future station there"

Phil Prentice - May 12'17
May. 11, 2017

At a public consultation on the Scarborough subway extension, disgruntled residents were told the budget leaves no money left to rough in future stations. Building stations later would cause the line to shut down for several years, TTC project manager Rick Thompson explained - Andrew Lahodynskyj / Toronto Star file photo