Dec. 12, 2016

"#TimeTOBuild" - Facebook Exchange


Korey Bray Although I'm not a fan of tolls on already paid for roads because of abuse that will happen by politicians using it as a crash cow... After experiencing Chicago's transit... We need to do something and stop talking about what to do. Chicagos system is how we should have ours... And one major thing is no streetcars on roads. Lrts are all up above roadways.. Allows traffic and transit to flow.

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Phil Prentice I hate to disappoint you Korey, but LRTs are not above the roadways - For the most part, LRTs are at grade - With platforms, LRTs take up the equivalent of three lanes - In addition; buses will still be required (sharing the remaining roadway with other vehicular traffic) along all or most of the new LRT routes because LRT stations will be too far apart for many prospective riders to walk

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