Mar. 16, 2016

Posts on Facebook

Phil Prentice on Facebook (Mar 16’16) – “I predict that once the Eglinton Crosstown LRT is complete and fully operational, they will find that buses are necessary to pick up and drop off passengers between stops on Eglinton – Once people realize that they will still be sharing the roads with buses, and; in the case where the LRTs are on the surface with dedicated right-of-ways, sharing the remaining lanes with buses and bicycles; streetcars, buses, and subways will be the favoured modes of transit once again! - You just wait and see!”

John Xxxxxxxx on Facebook – “Buses are already planned to interline with the Eglinton Crosstown, except for the section east of Don Mills, as it is mainly the town centre, and that there are sufficient stops to justify for walking distance.”

Phil Prentice on Facebook – “Yes, thanks John; you must be in the know! - I was aware that buses were being discussed (they would be required if subways were to be used as well), but; I don't think the general public is aware that buses will still be required; and are not aware that the buses will have to share the few lanes on most (if not all) of the routes that are left, with all other vehicles including bicycles and trucks, as well as cars – The TTC will not only be the better way; It will be the only way! – Subways don’t take lanes away – Subways are the better way! – See my blogs at, and”