Feb. 12, 2016


The reason that the existing Sheppard Avenue subway (referred to some as "stubway") is underused is that it doesn't go to or from anywhere - An extension of the existing Sheppard subway [east to at least McCowan and Sheppard (together with the new Finch LRT and an LRT or subway connection between the Finch LRT and the Sheppard subway line), would:  create a real purpose for the existing Sheppard subway; tie everything together; minimize the number of different modes of transit and wasteful transfers between them; provide rapid public transit east to west for all of East York, North York, and Scarborough north of the 401; and would provide some relief to the Bloor-Danforth line - High capacity parking nodes at the east terminus of the Sheppard subway line at McCowan and Sheppard, and at the west terminus of the Finch LRT, would get people out of their cars, relieve traffic on the 401, and make the Sheppard Avenue subway line relevant - The high capacity parking node at McCowan and Sheppard could also service the  Scarborough subway line if the Scarborough subway were to be extended up to Sheppard Avenue

The number of different modes of transit and transfers must be minimized – The Don Mills and Sheppard subway station should be connected by a subway to Scarborough Centre via McCowan and Sheppard, not an LRT – Even if we have to wait for it, it will be worth the wait – Agreed that the Downtown Relief Line, 3-stop Scarborough subway extension, Crosstown East LRT extension to Malvern, and SmartTrack should  be built first, but we should make up our minds and plan for it now - If you build it, they will come

What is your opinion on the LRT vs subway extension for the Sheppard subway?