"A Real Plan for Transit"

"Your plan is virtually perfect Jennifer - It's a well balanced approach - It includes the best of #SmartTrack, gives us back our 3-stop SSE, keeps the ball rolling along Eglinton, and puts the Relief Line ahead of everything else (where it belongs)" - Phil Prentice

The ‘golden age’ of Toronto Transit

"Toronto’s transit system was once such a wonder that, even into the 1980s, people came from around the world to study how it planned infrastructure projects, how it executed them and how it operated" - Stephen Wickens - The Globe and Mail


This is my comparison of the difference in speeds and travel times between a standard LRT with frequent stops, like the Eglinton Crosstown LRT, and my proposed Express LRT stopping at only key connections to other transit lines (GO, Subway, LRT, and BRT Lines); plus a comparison of the difference in speeds and travel times using a faster Siemens S70 type LRT vs the Bombardier Flexity Freedom Light Rail Vehicles currently proposed for the Eglinton Crosstown LRT

- See My Proposed MBTD Express LRT at http://www.torontotransitblog.com/426314162

"Leave the GO RER as it was; scrap SmartTrack; and put the money back into a 3 or 4 stop subway extension" - Phil Prentice


SmarterTracks Scarborough – Phase IV – 5th DRAFT

Coming Soon! - My daughter just stitched together a map of the entire GTHA for me - I will be using this as a base for all of my plans this coming new year - Phil Prentice - December 30'16

This is the 5th draft of Phase IV of my SmarterTracks plan for rapid transit in Scarborough

This plan includes the following:

- A four-stop extension of the Bloor-Danforth (Line 2) Subway between Kennedy and Eglinton and McCowan and Sheppard [SSE]
- A subway connecting the Sheppard East (Line 4) Subway between Don Mills and Sheppard and the new SSE at McCowan and Sheppard
- A high-capacity parking facility at McCowan and Sheppard
- Preparation for an extension of the Bloor-Danforth (Line 2) Subway between McCowan and Sheppard and Markham ON
- A Markham Road LRT connecting Kennedy and Eglinton; Centennial College Progress Campus; and Malvern
- A driverless shuttlebus between Kennedy and Ellesmere GO Station; Scarborough Centre; and the Markham Road LRT at Markham and Progress and Centennial College Progress Campus
- An LRT between Ellesmere GO and UTSC connecting with Scarborough Town Centre, Scarborough Centre, and Rouge Valley/Centenary Hospital
- Preparation for a Finch East LRT between Yonge and Finch and Malvern Centre
- An Express LRT [the beginnings of an MBTD (Mississauga-Brampton-Toronto-Durham) Express LRT] along Lawrence Avenue East and Kingston Road between Lawrence GO and Highway #2 at Sheppard and Kingston Road
- A Sheppard East BRT between Scarborough Centre and Highway #2 at Sheppard and Kingston Road
- A driverless shuttlebus connecting the Toronto Zoo with the Sheppard East BRT


MBTD Express LRT

I revised my plan for an elevated rapid transit line serving Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, and Durham Region (MBTD Monorail or HERT) to an LRT, but; I was not satisfied that an LRT will do the job, so in order to cover the distances and achieve the speeds I feel will be required, I made the line an Express LRT with limited stops instead – The line will have at least one stop in each community and connect with every major rapid transit line along its route - I am calling it MBTD Express LRT

The first phases of the route will be a Scarborough-Pickering/Ajax line, and a Mississauga-Pearson Airport line

The Scarborough-Pickering/Ajax line (First phase of a Scarborough-Durham line) line will interconnect with the following:

- Lawrence GO/SmartTrack

- McCowan Road (Scarborough) Subway

- Markham Road LRT

- Crosstown East LRT

- Sheppard LRT or BRT

The Scarborough-Pickering/Ajax line will be extended to form the Scarborough-Durham line – This next phase of the line will interconnect with Pickering GO and have the following stops:

- Pickering GO

- Pickering Centre

- (Possibly) Pickering East

- Ajax Centre

- Whitby Centre

- Oshawa West

- Oshawa Centre

- Oshawa East

The line can eventually be extended east to Clarington/Bowmanville

The Mississauga-Pearson Airport line (First phase of a Mississauga-Toronto line) line will interconnect with the following:

- Meadowvale GO

- Hurontario LRT

- Pearson Airport, UP Express, and SmartTrack LRT

The Brampton-Pearson Airport line will have its terminus and a large parking facility at Dixie and Mayfield Roads, and interconnect with the following:

- Brampton Züm BRT at three stops along Dixie Road

- The Mississauga line, UP Express, and SmartTrack LRT, at Toronto Pearson Airport

The Mississauga and Brampton lines will eventually be extended east to interconnect with:

- Weston GO

- Jane LRT or Beltline Subway

- Toronto-York Spadina Subway

- Yonge Street Subway

- Don Mills (Relief Line) Subway, and;

- The Scarborough-Durham line at Lawrence GO/SmartTrack

The Mississauga line can eventually be extended west to Milton

*** See SmarterTracks.com for the first four phases of my plans for rapid transit in Scarborough ***

Our progress on transit in Toronto over the past 50 years has been pathetic! - Think about what the city looked like 50 years ago - A good chunk of Scarborough was rural @SmarterTracks @JohnTory @ScarbTO

My Proposed Markham-GTA Beltline Subway and Brampton-GTA-Pickering/Ajax Monorail

My Proposed Markham-GTA Beltline Subway - See the Subpage "Line 2" under the Main Page "TO's Transit Lines"

For Brampton-GTA-Pickering/Ajax Monorail - See the Main Page "Monorail"

My Proposed Toronto Belt Line Subway

For more information on my proposal for a Toronto Beltline Subway see the Main page "Toronto Belt Line" on this site

The Toronto Belt Line Railway was a passenger service that was proposed, privately built, and failed in the 1890s – The route was intended “to service and promote new suburban neighbourhoods north of the city limits through the communities that eventually became Rosedale, Moore Park, Forest Hill and Swansea - The line was never profitable and it only ran for two years - Today, as part of a rails-to-trail project, the remaining part of the line is now the Beltline Trail” – Wikipedia – It was an idea that was over 125 years ahead of it’s time

See the Main page "Ahead of It's Time! - The Toronto Belt Line Railway"


This is my own personal blog and website and is meant to promote public transit and sustainable urban development - It includes posts with my own plans and ideas and is a source of information and a place for the exchange of ideas, comments, and concerns regarding traffic and transit in Toronto, the GTHA, and the surrounding region, as well as other information on transit and urbanization - The blog includes posts from many sources, but many of the ideas, comments, and opinions are my own

I am for changes and improvement to all forms of transportation and transit (including roads and expressways), but; as a proponent of subways, my biases will be towards connecting and completing the Sheppard Avenue and Scarborough (McCowan) subways - Once this connection is made, there are many other options that can be applied elsewhere in the city, but; we need to minimize the number of different modes of transit and transfers - Not everybody wants to travel to and from Union Station

Also; the next draft of my “SmarterTracks” proposal for public transit in Scarborough and the surrounding area is ready – You can find it on this blog and at SmarterTracks.com – Please be sure to leave your own comments and ideas

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